Juvia begins their go out with a shower and you will appears to become most cheerful

Juvia begins their go out with a shower and you will appears to become most cheerful

While the she exits the woman flat, she matches Erza, Wendy and you can Carla. That being questioned concerning cause for this lady joyfulness, she explains that it has been 413 weeks once the she came across Gray. Wendy and you can Carla don’t learn their, however, Erza is apparently swept up during the Juvia’s excitement and you may implies that Juvia render Gray a show mark so it affair. Even in the event Juvia has an interest from the candidate, this lady has little idea things to render Grey, therefore she chooses to ask additional lady on the dormitory for their view.

Just after asking the new viewpoint of one’s most other female regarding dormitory, she finally into the guild and ask brand new view of the members of the fresh guild. Juvia get advertisement

Natsu Takes a town [ ]

People Natsu and you will Makarov Dreyar, according to the enthusiastic management out-of Happy, are lost on the Clover Canyon while wanting to head back so you can Magnolia Town.

It keep examining up until it come across a town. At first they are enthusiastic, because they believe there could be eating there. However,, as they head to brand new community, they find that it is completely blank. The latest home have fresh restaurants in them, however, no population are around. This makes her or him skeptical of one’s landscape, and you will Erza sales men to analyze and not contact your meal it doesn’t matter how tasty they appear. First, even though, she chooses to send Natsu, Gray, Happy and you will Lucy to get certain mushrooms. They actually do therefore, and even though at the it, they eat certain.

Filler Occurrence [ ]

As a result, some mushrooms expand from Gray’s and you will Natsu’s brains. Both guys that have mushrooms to their heads laugh and then dispute if you find yourself Happy consumes that as well, leading to an excellent mushroom to expand out-of their direct also. Lucy up coming observe because the mushrooms to their minds are usually taking big. In the outskirts of one’s Village, they pay attention to muffled moaning songs. Gray’s and Natsu’s mushrooms disappear, however, Happy’s will not. They come back to the new community, and you will, when they walk in, a floor starts to stand out. The homes initiate moving too, and Pleased thinks he could be waving within your. It climb up a top cliff overlooking this new village and you can to see the brand new houses abruptly turn into creatures. Minutes afterwards, it learn this is within a well known fact a lengthy blocked Magic titled Live, which is capable of turning inanimate target towards the way of life animals. Nonetheless they consider that seams they noticed before come into reality a magic Community you to brought about the latest activation of the beast. Brand new town got probably a dark Guild’s village as the of your level of Magical Equipment they keeps (and that Erza had utilized in a lost prior to) and their usage of Taboo Magic. But not, it set these products out and even though centering on into the reality your beasts is live, Natsu, Grey and Erza assault, trusting they could consume it. Delighted and additionally duels with a tiny beast settee. Erza cuts a number of its pieces, Natsu burns her or him and Grey freezes him or her, then all of them preference the fresh new monster. Yet not, this new monsters most of the taste most terrible and you can although not hungry they may be, the fresh new beasts is actually something that they never eat. In the event that beasts reconstitute, the group goes on its symptoms. This time, Lucy summons Taurus and you will she battles as well. Shortly after some punches, a disturbance uses, and another Magic circle was activated. This time around, all of them precipitate into it.

Much after, he is seen still without trouble, walking and hungry. It learned that this new monster was basically an entire community loaded with individuals who have been Bought out because of the giants it written. Makarov had generated the brand new villagers hope never to manage you to definitely dangerous Secret Community once again and that they will likely be pleased it has become undone. Yet not, when expected the way it are undone, he told him or her there is need not work from information. Erza candidates it was Makarov exactly who finalized brand new community and you will annulled new Take over, however, he won’t show that it. While catholicmatch profiles they keep its trip, you to definitely phrase is heard: “We are nonetheless starving!” [80]

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